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I enjoy that the teachers are so supportive. They make the lessons fun and understandable and I like that they give us a choice of what to do with different challenges...I like to challenge myself. Challenge two is where I feel casual and know every answer, but going for challenge three gives me the opportunity to give me an advantage - to push myself.


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The teachers want you to learn a lot, instead of just a bit. They want you to have fun and do a lot of hard work because when you go out of primary they want you to remember that time.

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Our children thrive because every decision we make starts and ends with the child. We are driven by our commitment to provide the very best opportunity for the children in our care, removing all ceilings on achievement so that every child achieves at least age-related expectations, and so much more, as a result of a standard of excellence in all aspects of our educational provision.

What I think about 'growing your mind' is that sometimes you have to challenge yourself. If that challenge is to easy, try and go for another one.

Our Vision for Children


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I want people to feel like they belong. I want people to feel valued, feel part of what we do and have ownership of what they do. I want every member of staff, every parent, every child within each school to have a real sense of belonging within the school community. And then each school to have a sense of belonging within our Trust as a whole so that we're all working together towards achieving the same vision, the same goals and the same outcomes.

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Staff are highly skilled, motivated with everyone actively contributing to a dynamic learning community through reading, research and discussion; all teaching staff recognising and embracing their role as leaders of learning.


Our Vision for Staff

This Trust is US. It was created, and has evolved, and has grown organically based on what we are all about. We have crafted our values and mission ourselves because they are at our heart - if 'we' are inspired then we are able to inspire.

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Our Trust is an inclusive organisation where everyone is and feels valued. Collaboration within and between the schools is deeply rooted, harnessing collective intelligence whilst continually learning from best practice beyond our Trust, deepening our pedagogical understanding. Leaders maintain a visionary and strategic view, continually striving for the highest standards in all areas.

We empower people by listening. We're clear on 'why' we do things and create clear communication around our strategies. That's really important - everyone's onboard. It's not just 'we say, you do' - everyone has to own what they're doing, own the strategy and vision of the school to make it work really sucessfully.

Our Vision for the Trust

future growth


Schools join our Trust because of our vision and mission, they believe in what we do and why we do it. Every school within our trust aligns with the core values and is a valued and integral part of our organisation. Our schools are schools of choice for parents in the local community because of our strong reputation and staff recruitment is equally strong.

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I love the people. It's the passion. Passion is the thing I find really most important - and that's what we've got in buckets here. It's everybody who we speak to, everybody who we work with, from trustees, governors, school leaders, staff, even the children - they all care, deeply, about what we're doing and how we can get people to become a community of learners.

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Develop and implement a Trust Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy.


Further establish and develop peer supervision, coaching conversations and 'Inspiring Learners time' to support staff professional learning and foster well-being.


Key Strategic Priorities for 2023/2024...

Develop opportunity for staff voice in policy development, particularly in relation to staff emotional health and well-being.


Develop and implement our Trust Digital Strategy, to embed a strong foundation for future digital developments.


Raise the profile of Inspiring Learners within the local and wider educational community, sharing our 'why' and 'how', and move towards Trust growth.


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